VSB Internships and CoOps Revolutionize the College Experience


Students from the Villanova School of Business have taken exciting career paths after graduating. These opportunities involve working on Wall Street, running Start Ups, working at top accounting firms, and much more. The key to this success after college is the opportunity for students to get involved in internships and CoOps while still at Villanova. Internships and CoOps are experiential experiences and give students hands on experience in real business situations. The skills learned make Villanova students more valuable in the eyes of future employers.

On December 3rd, I attended the Rise to the Top: Internships and CoOp Basics event held by the Clay Center. The speaker broke up her presentation into 5 different parts Internships, Leadership Programs, Spring Accounting Program, CoOp Programs, and what students should do now.

Internships are available for all students at the Villanova Business School. There are less options for freshmen and sophomores, however there are still companies in demand for students who don’t have as much experience as juniors and seniors. All students are encouraged to participate in at least one internship during their 4 years at VSB. Internships give students the opportunity to experience what a real job will be like and decide if they enjoy the field they are interning in or not. Credits can also be earned by doing internships. Students who wish to travel abroad can also participate in an international internship.

Overall this has been an educational experience that I will take with me for the rest of my career.  It has opened my eyes to a firsthand experience of the corporate world and introduced me to challenges, opportunities, responsibilities, and expectations of such an environment.

Tomas deAbreu, VSB ’15, Braskem America

The speaker also introduced us to some of the Leadership Programs available through VSB. Leadership programs are more geared towards freshmen and sophomores. Most programs are held over the summer, but some are during the school year. Leadership Programs can help students decide if they want to intern at a specific company or in a certain field. The KPMG Discover Experience is an example of a Leadership Program that Villanova offers.

In the spring, there is a unique opportunity available for juniors called the Spring Accounting Internship Program. This program is 3 months long and is a full-time paying job. 6 elective credits are earned by doing this program and participants can still graduate in 4 years. Students in this program work at 1 of 15 public accounting firms that partner with Villanova for this program. Often times, students are offered full-time jobs at these accounting firms.

CoOps completely immerse students into a business. There is flexibility for when students can complete a CoOp, but usually juniors participate.  CoOps are 6 months long and students’ work is similar to an entry-level worker. CoOps are a great opportunity to earn experience, network, and students often times work for these companies after they graduate. The video below shows a student’s perspective on her CoOp at Villanova.

To prepare for these potential opportunities students should prepare a resume/cover letter, make a LinkedIn profile, and make a GONOVA Jobs account. The GONOVA Jobs Website can be accessed by clicking on this link,  GONOVA Jobs Website. GONOVA Jobs is a bit difficult to understand, but instructions and helpful videos are available at this web page, click Here.

Written by Joe Esposito III



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